The future of parental wellness in the workplace

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Early signs that you're pregnant

Here are some well-known pregnancy signs to look out for so that you know when to take a test and can prepare for your pregnancy journey.

Finding a work-life balance as a working father

As a working father, there are a number of ways to adjust to life with a baby. You don’t have to completely give up your career for the sake of your child; likewise, it’s possible to spend meaningful time with your baby away from work. Whether you take paternity leave, switch to working from home, or communicate with your partner about how to help with the child, what’s important is you find what works for you and your family.

How to be more empathetic with your child

Being an empathetic role model towards them will nurture that same empathy in them towards others. By learning how to manage your child’s negative emotions, you can help create a safe environment for them to grow.

Is my child eating enough? Tips for feeding a fussy toddler

It can be disconcerting if your child isn’t eating as much as you offer them, or less than the other children around them. Every child’s eating habits are different, so no approach will be the same. The most important thing is that you pay attention to what your child is eating to ensure they’re getting a healthy, balanced diet.

What is Five to Thrive and how can it help your family?

KCA, experts in neuroscience, have researched and broken down 5 positive behaviours we can incorporate into our children's lives to encourage healthy brain development - this practice is called Five to Thrive.

Taking care of your mental health as a parent

Being a parent may often feel like one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Navigating parenthood can be both physically and emotionally exhausting, especially throughout a global pandemic.

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Managing employee grief: how to support an employee after pregnancy loss

Grief is something we are all likely to experience in our lifetimes, however the workplace often falls short when it comes to supporting those who have experienced profound loss.

Managing an employee who becomes pregnant again while on maternity leave

Employers that provide strong support to pregnant employees can transform their experience and help to ease what can be a stressful and anxious time for them.

Making use of Keeping in Touch Days during Maternity Leave

Employees can work up to 10 days during their maternity or adoption leave, these are called Keeping in Touch (KIT) days. KIT days are intended to help employees keep in contact with their workplace and allow them to do some work while still being on maternity leave.

Is Covid-19 a turning point for working parents’ mental health support?

Evidence is only just starting to emerge regarding the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on wellbeing. Working from home for months on end, a lack of in-person interaction and concerns about job security have left many people’s mental health at a low point.

How to support your employees after they return from parental leave

Ensuring there is seamless support throughout parental leave and the return to work plays a vital role in promoting good mental health in new parents, at a time when they can be particularly vulnerable.

How to manage pregnant employees and their maternity leave

Employers that provide strong support to pregnant employees can transform their experience and help to ease what can be a stressful and anxious time for them. 77% of women said that they've had a negative experience during pregnancy, maternity leave, and on their return to work.

Why employers should be working in partnership with parents

While the life of a working parent can be deeply fulfilling, it has its challenges. Without the right support from employers, these difficulties can lead to burnout and low-productivity.

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