Connect every family in your organisation to the support they need to succeed

Personalised employee support for life's key journeys

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24/7 access to world-renowned family and wellness experts

When your families do well, your business does too

As the lines between work and home life continue to blur, investing in parental wellness has never been more important


Of fathers want to downshift their working role due to a lack of work-family balance


Of mothers report having a negative experience during their maternity leave and return to work


Of women say their employer doesn't have a menopause policy with 10% leaving their company as a result

More present at home and more productive in the office

How Kami can help

For You
Help the talent in your business stay

And be more attractive to prospective employees looking for a modern and supportive place to work.

Meet the well-being needs of your entire workforce

Analytics & insights target the right resources and responses to your employees needs.

Minimise the frequency and effect of absent staff

Manage absenteeism by enabling families to find the care they deserve before needing to take time out.

For employees
Guidance that's personalised

Helping employees be their best through tailored support offered via a private and secure platform.

Access to professional wellness consultants

Industry experts help families navigate the world of parenting, from planning, to adolescence, and beyond.

Improve the balance between work and family life

24/7 service offering instant answers so families are never alone and can focus on what matters most.

Workplace Equality


Kami is committed to closing the gender pay gap by enabling women to remain and thrive in their careers

Community Support

3 : 1

Kami provides free support to low income families via a novel 3:1 matched subscription service

End to end care personalised to each family's unique circumstances

Equip your teams with the community, content, and coaching they need.

Expert consultants

Exclusive content

Exceptional care

Our support is tailored to your employees' unique circumstances encompassing support for single, multi-cultural, LGBTQ+, Surrogate, Adoptive, and CIS families, as well as those caring for elderly family members. Supporting families from fertility to menopause and everything in between. At Kami, we appreciate that families come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of nuance and needs.

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Our mission

We celebrate diversity and inclusion at Kami. It's in our DNA. We are committed to ensuring that every family is celebrated and supported, no matter what their journey looks like. At Kami, we connect families to trusted experts to support them through life's key journeys.

erika brodnock
Erika Brodnock
The inspiration for Kami came from Erika, who as a mother of five suffered from postnatal depression after the arrival of her youngest child. She knows first hand the difficulties faced by parents and families pre and post birth. Kami's mission is to be a trusted source that makes sure families find balance and get the right guidance they need, when they need it.

Erika is the go-to person for all things parenting and family. She's Sky News' resident parenting expert and a PhD in Psychological Behavioural Science at the LSE. Erika’s work centres around creating technology for good, creating equity for diverse communities. She is an MBA and multi-award winning entrepreneur, receiving awards for her dedication and work in digital education and diversity and inclusion.
Access to a team of leading experts
Dr. Amanda Gummer
Child psychologist and founder of Fundamentally Children, the UK’s leading source of advice on child development and play.
Sue Atkins
Regularly appears on BBC Radio & Sky News. She is the Parenting Expert for Disney Family & This Morning.

“We’ve had some great feedback, our people love the support on offer from the Kami team.”

Kathryn Bunker