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Created by leading therapists, parenting and pregnancy experts, Kami brings you tools to help you gain confidence as a parent.

Kami is your friendly digital confidante, ready to guide you towards achieve your goals during your pregnancy and parenting journey.

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We are on a mission to help every parent transition into parenthood... with confidence.

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We know all to well that finding, sifting and vetting the information coming at us each day is difficult. Engaging the right specialists at such an emotional time is even more complex. Kami’s intelligent technology gets to know you and your preferences over time so we can offer you content and consultants curated to meet your personality and needs, so you can choose the ons you're most likely to like. Each Kami Consultant is vetted to ensure they share our values, really listen to your struggles and successes, and deliver an individualised care plan for you!

 Continuous support in the palm of your hand.

With Kami, your questions, concerns, and  medical history will be recorded and shared among the consultants you choose, to provide seamless support and eliminate repetition

Emma, London

“I’m mortified this wasn’t around when I had my first two Children, yet oh

so grateful it is here now…

The very best advice, available

in an instant. Thank you Kami!!”

Aiden, Bristol

Thank God for Kami, when trying to find advice on the internet there is just to many opinions 

and posts from so many different people. Having professionals on hand as Alfie grows has made my time so much more relaxed and enjoyable knowing that i can easily access such valuable advice whenever i need it.

Ness, Cornwall

Living by the beautiful Cornish coast does have its downfalls. Services and help for you and your baby can be so hard to come by in many remote places. Then i found Kami and it changed my life. The advice , help and support i have received is invaluable.

Thanks Kami

Join 100’s of parents just like you using the power of Kami’s support to  make their parenting journey a little bit easier…

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