• Erika Brodnock

Welcome to Kami!

I'm Erika, Co-Founder and CEO at Kami. Welcome to our blog.

I'll be regularly sharing my thoughts on a particular parenting topic along with some of the most common questions we’ve been asked through the Kami chatbot, with a summary of the answers provided.

So, first things first, who am I and why should you listen to my thoughts on anything let alone parenting.

An introduction to me...

I am mother to five incredible children aged between 12 and 21. I have worn a number of labels through my parenting journey. From teen parent, to parent with post-natal depression, to parent coach and facilitator, to Sky News’ resident parenting expert.

My proudest achievement is that for the most part, my children are a pleasure to be around (I have 16 year olds), and they have been able to develop the meta-learning and emotional intelligence they need to thrive socially and academically.

I look forward to sharing my thought with you and to hopefully making your journey to parenthood a little easier...

Until next time,


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