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Instant answers to any parenting question

Our conversational chatbot provides new, expectant and existing parents with instant answers to their pressing questions.

Instant replies
Available around the clock
Personalised to parents specific needs

Seamlessly connect with health experts.

Our cohort of experienced specialists and practitioners can be easily reached whenever they are needed, providing judgement-free, evidence-backed support.

One-to-one chat, voice, or video consultations
Smart patient-consultant matching
Extensive range of expert disciplines
How to effectively support your partner
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Breastfeeding positioning tips
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Trusted advice and personalised insights.

Educational content is curated and delivered to each parent, personalised to their exact needs. All parents are empowered with daily wellbeing reports and targeted suggestions to keep their minds healthy.

Insightful articles
Trusted and reliable sources
Tools to keep minds healthy

No parent left behind

Anyone can become a parent, whether through birth, adoption or surrogacy. At Kami, we believe that everyone deserves specialist support to ease them through the transition to parenthood, regardless of their gender, sex or sexuality. Providing your employees with continuous care for their parental and wellbeing needs, benefits parents, children and businesses alike.

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Here throughout your parenting journey

From family planning to returning to work and beyond, Kami provides people with judgement-free, expert advice to guide them through life’s challenging moments

Family Planning

Whatever way parents become parents, through adoption, surrogacy or birth, Kami is here to help people find the right path for them


Our fertility experts offer guidance in all areas of fertility and reproductive health, alongside emotional support


Kami’s resident midwives and doulas are on hand to provide support at every stage of the birth process, including creating tailor-made birth plans and providing post-natal care

Early Years

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming at times, but with easy access to our conversational chatbot and consultants, challenges such as breastfeeding and sleeping can be addressed

Parental Leave

Kami’s around the clock care ensures those on parental leave receive personalised support exactly when they need it, with the ability to stay connected with their line manager

Returning to Work

Our instant support and intelligent features facilitate a seamless transition back to work for employees and employers alike


We want people to feel comfortable at work, so Kami is available for employees to discuss their menopause symptoms, concerns and treatment options with practitioners whenever they wish