When parents do well, your business does too.

Connect every parent in your organisation to the support and resources they need to succeed and thrive with Kami.

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Supporting working parents has never been more important

As the lines between work and home life continue to blur, investing in parental wellness is vital.


of parents don’t feel supported by their employer.

We help companies support and empower their employees.


is the average cost of replacing a non-returning parental leaver

Investing in your staff is an investment for your business.


of mothers report having a negative experience during maternity leave

You count on your team, make sure they can count on you.

We make it easy for parents to get the support they need

Instant, 24/7 support

Access to expert consultants

Personalised to each individual

Get in touch

A family-friendly workplace
benefits everyone

For You
Attract & retain talent

Be more attractive to prospective employees looking for a modern and supportive place to work.

Increase productivity

With the right resources and support, parents can be happier and more productive in their roles.

Decrease absenteeism

Manage the cost of absenteeism by making it easier for parents to find the care they need and deserve.

For Parents
Personalised guidance

Every parent's needs are different, we provide support tailored to each individual's situation.

Support for every stage of parenthood

Kami helps parents navigate the world of parenting, from planning, to adolescence, and beyond.

Improved work-life balance

By offering support in an easy and convenient way, parents can focus on what matters most to them.

“We’ve had some great feedback, our people love the support on offer from the Kami team.”

Kathryn Bunker
J.P. Morgan

"I love Kami’s mission - desperately need this as a first time mum!"

Toni Harrison

End-to-end care for every parenting journey

We celebrate diversity and inclusion at Kami. It's in our DNA. We are committed to ensuring that every parent is celebrated and supported, no matter what their journey looks like.

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