Christina Smith
Resident Doula

More About Christina


Birth Arts International (USA) trained Birth and Post-Partum (post-natal) Doula; Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Educator (certifications in progress); PhD in Developmental Biology (University of Sussex)


5 years experience as a doula

How can I help

You can ask me what to expect during pregnancy:

How the baby develops over the 9 months of your pregnancy

The common emotional, hormonal and physical changes you will experience during pregnancy

What nutrition is important for a healthy pregnancy

You can ask me what to expect during labour and birth:

How to tell if I am starting labour

The 3 stages of labour and what to expect during each one

What drug-free pain coping methods can I use, and what are the pros and cons of using drugs and epidurals to manage pain

You can ask me what to expect after the birth:

How to prepare for baby before birth

How to look after my body after birth

How to care for my newborn baby

Areas of Expertise

Development of the Baby in the Uterus

Drug-free Pain Management during Labour

Non-medical Methods to correct Poor Baby Position

e.g. breech baby

Care of the Healthy Newborn Baby

Christina’s Super Strength: Drug-free Alternatives and Nutrition