Charmaine Walters
Resident Sleep Training Expert

More About Charmaine


Cache NNEB Diploma in Nursery Nursing 

Childcare and Education

OCN level 3 in sleep training 

OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coaching

Paediatric First Aid


I have over 21 years of experience helping and supporting families, and understand first-hand the toll that sleep deprivation has on families. I have worked for many years as a night nanny with newborns and also as a full-time, live-in nanny for many families with small children. My experience working in various roles across early years, including as head of a baby and toddler unit qualifies me to advise on birth up to school aged children. My experience as a mother enables me to advise even further than that! I am a member of the IACSC (International Association for Child Sleep Consultants).

How can I help

I can help with the early weeks following birth, weaning, walking, teething, talking expectations through to expectations on newborn sleep and how to solve sleep issues for babies and children.


I specialise in supporting families with sleep issues using gentle, respectful, evidence-based methods of sleep shaping/training. I will only suggest methods that you and your family feel happy and comfortable to practice. I will never suggest leaving your baby or child to “cry it out”.

Areas of Expertise

Supporting healthy sleep routines

Help with co-sleeping safely

Working on sleeping through the night

Phasing out unsustainable sleeping associations

e.g. bouncing, feeding

Sleep disorders

Charmaine’s Super Strength: Sleep Routines and Disorders