Pamela Bischoff
Resident Midwife

More About Pamela


Royal College of Nursing Certificate of Midwifery.


9 years experience in providing a high standard of Midwifery care in all departments, with up to date information and support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatal period. 

Expertise demonstrated in supporting women physically and mentally through the efficient and effective use of material resources.

How can I help

If you are struggling to deal with your emotions and feelings i can help support you and tackle these feelings during your pregnancy journey

Areas of Expertise

Antenatal: Maternal handheld notes

helping you understand your maternity notes and results

Tailor made birth plans

Helping you understand your choices

Postnatal care

Postnatal education, your baby's weight gain/loss, Newborn bloodspot, Colic and infant feeding support

Smoking and Alcohol Cessation

Antenatal and parent education

to prepare you for labour and birth

Managing physical symptoms

Pamela’s Super Strength: Postnatal Care and Education