Lauren Mischon


Qualified Birth Doula ( 2008)

Breastfeeding Workshop- Level 2

Art of Doula Listening 

The Oxytocin Factor Certificate - Tapping the Hormone of Calm, Love and Healing 


I am a Birth Doula passionate about empowering women to achieve a positive birth experience. I have supported over 150 families to welcome their babies into the world. I have supported mothers through intervention free natural labour, water birth, achieving a VBAC, choosing an epidural, right through to elective caesarean.

As well as working as a doula, I am the editor of The Doula magazine. I write freelance about birth for Juno magazine and others. I was the Doula Expert for Pregnancy & Birth Magazine from 2009-2011 and have appeared on NBC and ITV discussing my work as a doula.

How I can Help

I support couples through pregnancy and during childbirth providing non-judgemental emotional and physical support regardless of how or where they wish to birth their baby.

My philosophy is that there is no right or wrong - childbirth just happens! and being open to the process and feeling informed, safe and secure enough to let go is the best way to achieve a positive birth. My aim is to make sure couples feel safe and informed at all times and that they are continuously supported throughout.  

​Areas of Expertise

Informing you about the birth process and receiving totally unbiased information about the birth process and the options available.

Exploring ways your partner can best support you during labour and birth