Pre/postnatal Pilates Expert

Heidi VandenBroek

Heidi VandenBroek has been teaching fitness for over 10 years. Pilates begun with her need of keeping muscle tightness at bay not only from teaching daily numerous classes but to help with relief from her scoliosis. Pilates is now her high focus and offers classes to the general public as well as Pre/postnatal community Pilates specifics with advanced level 3 status for pre/postnatal and general public in both mat and studio equipment such as the reformer apparatus and full studio having helped numerous women of the years of various ages and abilities As the years passed and word got out that she has specific designs for the prenatal and postnatal community her focused further developed and she is now the pioneer of prenatal pilates and early postnatal Pilates recovery on the reformer for diastasis in the Barnet area and thanks to Kami you can join her virtually!Heidi continues in regular focus work in women's health focused on pelvic floor / pelvic derangement / scoliosis /and specifically focused on diastasis so you can really benefit including her private return to fitness recovery courses !She works closely with women's health Physiotherapists and holds classes at her own Pilates Reformer Studio Pilates Bumps Beyond in North London, realising there's not much out there for new moms, is bringing the pre/postnatal community together to help with guidance back to fitness safely and comes highly recommended. Whatever your reason or recovery needs, the direction you take is specific. ask about private sessions for personalised guidance back to your regular day to day activities and fitness with a follow through like no other