A B O U T   K A M I

Create your digital presence with Kami

At Kami, we want parents to know you more than just your title. That’s why Kami, supports the creation of a short introductory video for consultants; Broadcasts the great work you have done in the field; Facilitates the curation of your digital profile so that parents can quickly read about:

  • Your superpower  

  • Your story

  • Your experience in the field

  •  Expectations after consultation

  • Testimonials and reviews


Why work with us?

Create your digital  presence with Kami

Reach more parents  who need your service

Benefit from Kami tools to manage your workflow

Utilise your downtime  to do & earn more

K A M I   A P P

Tools to manage your workload

We want you to do what you are great at doing, and Kami will sort the rest so you can:

Customise your working hours;

Manage your calendar and stay on  top of your schedule with appointment alerts;

Seamlessly deliver consultation via Kami chat and tele-consultation;

Record and log parent information.

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K A M I   A P P

 Support more families with Kami 

As a Kami consultant, you will be continuously  matched with parents that have specific questions and needs within your area of expertise. You may wonder how we reach parents? The simple answer is that  forward thinking employers support their working parents by subsidising the cost of your service to ensure their parents are supported at the point they most need it!

K A M I   A P P

Utilise downtime to do & earn more

Kami leverages the power of  virtual tele-consultations through messaging and video chats. Consultants like you are utilising their downtime supporting parents in an “on-call, on-request” way. Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or parent who hasn’t returned to their pre-pregnancy role and would like to try something new…


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