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Kami was born out of 3 founders different personal experiences towards parenthood and wellbeing. We each have our own unique stories and have spent time chatting to hundreds of parents in order to truly understand this incredible journey. Combined with working with leading experts who work closely to support the practical and emotional needs of parents, Kami can deliver a truly scientific and holistic approach to support your journey.


Hello From the Founders.....

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Erika Brodnock Co-Founder

Erika  is a mum of 5, accredited life and parenting coach, Executive MBA, Sky News’ resident parenting expert, multi-award winning entrepreneur.. She knows first hand the difficulties faced by parents pre and post birth, having suffered with post natal depression following the birth of her youngest child.  Erika’s personal passion is to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their potential. She believes providing the specialist support parents need post birth on their terms, while enabling them to bond effectively with their children will make this a distinct possibility.

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Paul Cliff


Paul is a dad of 2, Ex head of HR at Surrey and Sussex Police and a fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, with 19 years of experience in scientific, HR and senior leadership roles. A qualified executive coach and mentor, specialising in career and development support, Paul brings a unique approach, blending his forensic eye for detail and research, with a passion for developing people and teams to be the best they can be. Paul is particularly adept at understanding goals and motivations, skills and behaviors and develop a plan to take your next steps.

Moncho Rey 


Moncho has dedicated the last 2 decades of his life to understanding, processing and controlling data with the aim of improving the quality of human life. Always at the leading edge of technology, Moncho is an expert in SCADA systems and his Ph.D. was based around modelling data processed using Machine Learning. Educated in top institutions in the USA and Europe, Moncho is an evangelist for establishing new directions for the implementation of ML/AI in patient safety.  His current role as BI architect in the healthcare industry is focused on implementing data analytics and AI in a patient safety platform, where he designed the new system architecture for their IQ tool in record time.


Our Specialist advisors

Dr Farhana Mann – Medical Advisor and Ps

Dr Farhana Mann

Medical Advisor and Psychiatrist

Farhana is a a psychiatrist, mum of  3 , and Wellcome clinical training fellow at UCL. She has experience of working with mental health problems ranging from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Her approach is holistic with an emphasis on the importance of psychological and social support, alongside medications when necessary. Farhana graduated in Medicine with distinction in 2005, has a first-class degree in Immunology & Cell Pathology and a master’s in Psychiatric Research (distinction). She has won numerous academic awards and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK).

Tamara Licht ​Relationship Specialist an

Tamara Licht

Relationship Specialist and Psychologist

Tamara is a mum of 1, an HCPC accredited Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist. 

​She is also a Master in Clinical and Health Psychology, Master of Social Sciences, Bachelor in Clinical Psychology.  Tamara works with new and expectant parents and couples offering psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions mostly under CBT and psychodynamic principles. Tamara’s specialisms are relationship difficulties and managing expectations. She effectively helps parents to reach the right expectations for their pregnancy and early parenting journey.

Siri Stienmo ​Behaviour Change Specialis

Siri Stienmo

Behaviour Change Specialist and Personal Trainer

Siri is a mum of  1, and soon to be 2. She is a health psychologist , behaviour change specialist, and the founder of The Anti Diet programme.  Siri is also researcher and quality improvement professional for UCL and is currently working to help design and implement an informatics improvement project, -INFORM- in Critical Care at UCLH and as a freelance consultant. She specialises in designing and delivering healthcare interventions, health psychology, user research and applying theory to practice. Her interests include


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