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Helping parents experience a happier and more supported transition into parenthood.
How?  By combining the power of smart technology with the expertise of pregnancy and child development experts in order to create a holistic and personalised  service available 24/7.
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We appreciate that the journey to parenthood 

requires more than the advice you gain from your midwife. Parent’s just like you are learning to thrive with free answers from our experts on topics such as:


  •  Relationships

  •  Career

  •  Emotions

  •  Pregnancy and beyond

  •  Baby's development

  •  Lifestyle

  •  Loss

Gain access to vetted

experts,  for support tailored to your individual needs

From family planning  to post-birth struggles, and child development issues, we offer parents  convenient access to our hand-picked, certified, professionals who place your needs at the centre of our service, to offer judgement-free care personalised to you and your family

Feel supported at work during pregnancy, while you’re off on leave, and as you transition back into work.



The challenges associated with being a working  parent have been largely overlooked. The sleepless nights, A&E runs and moments of just  not knowing what to do. kami is formulated to provide support when you need it most, alongside employers that value parental wellbeing in their organisation

Bitesize content specially curated and formulated to brighten even the greyest of days…


Sometimes, you just need to take some time for yourself. It's reassuring knowing that other parents feel the same way. We curate wellbeing and early childhood educational content from the most trusted sources so you can have complete peace of mind you’re doing the very best you can for your baby’s future

Going beyond weeks tracking… track your vitals, symptoms, emotions as you capture memories, and record your baby’s milestones.

Your parental journey is about more than what size fruit your child is.

From sleep to mood, track the things you care about and see how they influence your wellbeing during  pregnancy and once your baby arrives.


Through tracking, Kami can predict your energy levels and productivity over the coming week so you're better able to plan and navigate your journey.


Over time Kami suggestions are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of you and your baby.


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